Below you will find job postings related to footwear biomechanics. The list is updated as of February 6, 2019.



  • Develop and support footwear innovation and inline projects in creating products rooted in performance testing across footwear categories (run, train, cleated, basketball)
  • Participate in the development of new lab tools, methods and procedures that will streamline data acquisition and cross-functional initiatives
  • Optimize research and lead the data collection process
  • Facilitate and collaborate on product validation and testing
  • Collaborate with external consultants, and internal teams including Development and Design
  • Lead the transfer and direct application of UA Lab results in the creation of innovative, performance-driven products
  • Support and assist in the development of a robust program to explore athlete insights and authenticate athlete performance benefits
  • Participate in the broader UA Innovation community as an expert in my field of footwear and sport biomechanics
  • Demonstrate Under Armour’s commitment to footwear performance research through attendance at scientific meetings and conferences


  • A passion for performance and for shoes!
  • Strong technical skills with biomechanical equipment and data along with a proficiency in collecting biomechanical data on human subjects
  • Expert ability to take complex test data and distill it into useful information that footwear product teams can use to build best-in-class products
  • Desire and ability to take risks, and to take responsibility for results – must be a finisher.  Strong intuition to find and solve problems using both consumer insight and design thinking.
  • Excellent Mac or PC computer skills; computer programming would be an asset
  • Must be creative, detail oriented, able to prioritize tasks and work under pressure to successfully meet competing deadlines
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to effectively present technical information and respond to questions from non-technical groups of managers, clients, customers, and the general public.


  • Education: BS in Biomechanics, exercise physiology or similar, with performance footwear experience
  • Experience:  Solid understanding of footwear design, construction and materials.  Experience working with biomechanics, footwear and mechanical and physiological testing

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